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Welcome to the Migraine Center of Boise and the office of Dr. John Knowles, D.C. We utilize proven non-drug techniques which focus on restoring normal function to the body and relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches, tension headaches, and stress headaches while restoring your quality of life.

It is our goal at the Migraine Center of Boise to address the actual cause of the headache and not just merely mask the symptoms. Many who suffer from migraine headaches or tension headaches are told they will just to "live with them". We don't believe you have to just "live with them". Published research studies have shown that 22% of those individuals who were treated by specific non-drug techniques, such as those utilized in our office, experienced greater than a 90% reduction of their symptoms and that an additional 50% noted having significant improvement in their symptoms and the severity. That's over 72% of patients receiving life changing results!

Causes of Headaches

Migraine headaches can originate from many different causes such as trauma from motor vehicle accidents or slips and falls, chemical triggers, responses to certain foods, stress, or hormonal imbalances. Tension and stress headaches commonly originate from muscle tightness in the back of the neck and head which is caused from stress, trauma, over-use, and bad posture. A common cause of many headaches seen today is from continual use of hand-held devices such as cell phones, ipads, and tablets. "Text neck" can develop from looking downwards for long periods of time. Traumas and "text neck" lead to a condition called forward head posture, which can put up to an additional 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and spine.


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Treatment Procedures Include the Following:


Atlanto-Occipital Adjustments

Specific atlanto-occipital chiropractic adjustments are performed to address spinal mechanical irritation to the nervous system and the imbalances in spinal motion. Forward head posture is also addressed with these specific adjustments. These adjustments are unique when compared to standard chiropractic adjustments in that they focus on areas of the spine that are not as easily obtained with common adjustments.


Axial Traction

Axial traction, coupled with isometric postural weight training, addresses forward head posture, which is quite common with those individuals suffering from headaches. The axial traction stretches and improves motion in ligaments and tendons that are restricted, maintaining poor posture.


Isometric Postural Weights

Postural Weights help retrain muscles, ligaments, and tendons to maintain proper head positioning and posture.  This process helps strengthen tissues that have been damaged or strained from having to battle forward head posture.   


Low Level Laser Therapy

FDA-Cleared Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is the application of penetrating red and near infra-red light to the body’s surface skin. The intensity of LLLT lasers is not high like a surgical laser; there is no heating effect. It is cleared by the FDA to decrease pain or inflammation, promote the healing of wounds, tissues, and nerves, and prevent tissue damage.



Physiotherapy, rehab, and therapeutic exercises play an important part in providing symptom relief from migraine headaches as well as tension and stress headaches. They also provide the necessary building blocks to correcting the initial problem and restoring normal function to the body. These therapies also reduce swelling in the tissues.


Adrenal & Hormonal Therapy

When a hormonal imbalance is detected, simple nutritional supplements and dietary changes are recommended to provide specific nutrients that are required by the glands to promote normalization

of their function

"In January my life changed drastically! The vibrant outgoing Lee Ann that most people knew was dead. Well, almost. With massive pounding headaches, constant nausea, and chronic fatigue attacking my body, I was as good as dead. A student who missed the average of three to four days a semester, I quickly missed 21 school days in six weeks. During this time, as if being sick wasn't enough, I was put through a wringer of tests which included an endoscopy, upper ultrasound, CT scan, and an MRI. Finally Idaho specialists were tired of see my face, so I was sent to the Portland Clinic for my spring break. After seeing two specialists in Portland who said nothing more could be done, one noticed that my neck and shoulders were extremely tight and suggested I get my neck manipulated. I was immediately sent to a chiropractor who found out my problem. But my neck was soon back out, so when I returned I went straight to Dr. Knowles who has done some miraculous work on my neck and back. My life is now back to normal, and I feel great!"

Lee Ann K.

Migraine Center of Boise

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